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Read ‘the Doors of Perception’ by Aldous Huxley yars ago, but there is a lot of it which really seems relevant to the percetion of time, namely how physicists look at time as a granular entity, i.e. is in bits. could be a connection with virtual reality? Huxley says:

“…could never have perceived that what rose and iris and carnation so intensely signified was nothing more, and nothing less, than what they were – a transience that was yet eternal life, a perpetual perishing that was at the same time pure Being, a bundle of minute, unique particulars in which, by some unspeakable and yet self-evident paradox, was to be seen the divine source of all existence.”


St Jerome in his study, by Albrecht Durer and Antonella de Messina

Was asking myself is Dundee a city at odds with itself? The first thing i thought when we visited was ‘this place isn’t too bad’ and I realised that that was largely because I’d only ever heard it derided as ‘Scumdee’, which is funny until the people of the city itself start to believe it. I have been working on the idea of incorporating the Greek Agora into my design for Dundee Cultural Centre. I like the simple idea of moving from a more public to a more private place and the democracy of spaces which this entails.

These are the initial outcomes of our site studies from Dundee. We logged where all the signs in and around Tay Street were actually pointing instead of the routes people actually took. That way we get a feel for the artificial structure which a driver or pedestrian contructs in their head, based on memory or association and compare it to what the strict linear street signs are actually saying.

I have for some time loved the work of illustrator Ralph Steadman, made famous by his illustrations in ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ by Hunter S. Thompson. He also has some pretty strong views on architects and architecture, set out in the 16.10.08 edition of AJ.

Found this really cool art collective called Uchronia, they built this massive structure for the burning man festival in 2006, and then burnt it down.